Agent Website

Each subscriber to Agency Rocket gets their own "My New Retirement" website sales funnel. This system consists of various landing pages designed to pique the interest of the visitor and prompt them to register for the "My New Retirement" webinar. As visitors interact with the site, they are automatically moved along each stage in the sales process in the Tracker CRM system.

Landing Pages

Various landing pages are available within the Reach system to engage visitors from different sales demographics with messaging tailored to them. Each landing page strategy comes with scripts for social media posts, emails, phone conversations and text examples to help start the conversation with your prospect. Each landing page encourages the visitor to register for the "My New Retirement" webinar.

The "My New Retirement" webinar

All of the resources on the "My New Retirement" website point visitors to the "My New Retirement" webinar where they will learn about the current retirement crisis in America and how most retirement plans don't provide the retirement lifestyle people are hoping for. It introduces concepts found in most IUL strategies including eliminating market risk through indexing and the importance of eliminating loss from your retirement savings. It explains how distributions happen using the IUL strategy and how if set up properly, it can provide a tax-free retirement strategy. Once they view this webinar they will be well versed in how an IUL works.

Savings Snapshot

After the prospect views the "My New Retirement" webinar they are prompted to fill out a "Savings Snapshot" which asks for some minimal financial information so an IUL illustration can be put together for them to see how the IUL strategy will perform in their unique situation. Once the illustration is ready, it's time to close the deal using Analyzer , the third component of Agency Rocket.