Overview Video

View the My New Retirement overview video to see the basics of the system. See how Reach, Tracker and Analyzer integrate together to create a full stack marketing solution to help sell more Indexed Universal Life.

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The first component was designed to help you acquire and nurture leads using this incredible prospecting system we call “Reach”. Reach consists of tons of landing pages, videos, webinars, emails & texts all working in harmony to educate your prospect on the benefits of an IUL. The components are integrated into the "my new retirement" website and guide them down the sales path towards submitting an application.

Here are some things Reach provides:

  • Personalized Agent landing page with image, contact info and more
  • Lead capture forms that post lead information into Tracker
  • Professional teaser videos to post on social media
  • Educational webinar that preps your prospect for the close
  • Savings Snapshot system that collects all the information from the prospect needed to run an illustration
  • Integration with Tracker for visibility as the prospect progresses through the sales funnel
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Tracker is a CRM we’ve designed and built from scratch for the insurance industry by insurance professionals. Insurance selling is in our DNA and has been for decades. Tracker’s main pipeline view lets you see all your pending cases on one screen showing what sales stage they are in and what actions are needed to progress to the next stage in the sales process. It allows you to see your pipeline clearly and take the actions that matter. It is fully customizable to fit your unique sales process. We believe that in sales (and in life) you can't control results, but you can control the actions that drive deals towards completion.

Here are some of its many features:

  • Pipeline view that shows all pending cases within that pipeline
  • Ability to create as many pipelines as you want with as many stages within those pipelines.
  • Easy drag and drop interface for moving deals through pipeline stages
  • Assign a value to each deal and forecast future earnings based on past closing ratios
  • Upload documents to each contact record for backup and compliance.
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The IUL Analyzer compares Qualified plans to the IUL strategy. It's simple to use and easy for prospects to understand. Simply upload an illustration to the system and the IUL Analyzer grabs all the data it needs and sets everything up for you. Drag the age slider to show the performance each year. You’ll see how the qualified plan runs out of money while the IUL strategy keeps on performing and provides a steady, reliable cash flow year after year. It proves to your client with real numbers the performance of the IUL strategy.

IUL Analyzer provides the following features:

  • Timeline based comparison of the IUL and hypothetical qualified plan
  • Selling tools that explain the indexing concept
  • Live feed from the US Treasury Department of the national debt
  • Upload multiple illustrations to the system to show different saving scenarios. Quickly select between them using a drop down menu
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Additional Components

Interactive Reports

Interactive reports takes all the features of the IUL Analyzer and creates a password protected web page specifically for the client. They are able to view videos, drag the sliders to see the comparisons and update numbers on the qualified plan to see how it affects the outcome. You can also set a personal message to that specific client.

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Pro Branding

Pro Branding allows agents to customize their "My New Retirement" website as well as the Agency Rocket system colors and logos. It also allows agents to set up advertising tracking code on their "My New Retirement" site. Agents can also customize the signature on the automated emails that are sent out by the system.

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Illustrations from the following carriers can be uploaded and processed by our system.

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